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Early Years (3-6) Program

Casa de Bambina

The FMS Toddler Program

Dr. Maria Montessori calls the period in the child’s life from birth to 6 years ‘the Absorbent Mind’. During this time the child absorbs everything in the environment around them in a specific and detailed way. The child has a love of order and seeks out activities designed to help them build orderliness and sequencing skills, leading to security within their environment.

Maria Montessori recognised that the 3 – 6 year old
child has particular developmental needs or ‘sensitive periods’.


Which is the way we relate to and
get in touch with the environment.
It is through movement that the child organises himself internally to gain physical independence and acquires the elements to build his own personality. These early experiences are the cognitive base for the child’s future development.


Which makes it possible to have sequence of thought and action. It is through order that the child can classify and organise his perceptions of the environment. Learning external order develops internal order.


The ‘explosion’ into oral and written language helps the child build communication and socialisation skills and forms the basis for reading.

These special sensitivities within which learning becomes energetic and effortless are developed through the prepared environment, which includes:

Practical Life

Through repetition of the practical life exercises the child perfects gross and fine motor skills, concentration, and develops order. These activities help the child learn to care for themselves and others leading to responsibility, self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.


The Montessori concrete language materials help the child develop verbal skills, pre-reading, reading, writing and literacy skills by enriching the language they have absorbed and building more complex language through their own discoveries and experiences.


The sensorial area of the classroom appeals to the child’s five senses, stimulating them to explore the environment using their senses to develop discrimination, order, refinement of movement and concentration. These materials allow for repetition and control of error. Sensorial materials form the basis for mathematics, language, and the arts.


Montessori concrete mathematics materials assist the child in discovering and understanding mathematical and geometrical concepts, forming a strong foundation and preparation for abstraction, higher mathematical skills, problem solving and reasoning.

Cultural Subjects

Children enjoy activities in biology, history, geography, science, art, music and drama to broaden their understanding of the world around them. Cultural diversity is present within every classroom and promotes appreciation and acceptance of all cultures.
The Toddler Program


Articles about the Early Years from InFocus

Safety in Structure

Safety in Structure
InFocus 2

The Prepared Environment is one of the basic elements. It must be physically and psychologically prepared for the children.


Connecting with Reality and Nature

Connecting With Reality and Nature
InFocus 2

Children are naturally connected with reality. It is their unconscious task to absorb their surroundings and become a person of their time and place within the first plane of life.


Order All Around Me

Order All Around Me
InFocus 2

The ‘Absorbent Mind’ is a Montessori term used to describe how the young child’s brain effortlessly soaks in every detail of their environment.


Practical Live is Daily Life

Practical Life is Daily Life
InFocus 3

A central theme of the Montessori method is the concept of Practical Life. Practical Life is a series of exercises aimed at assisting the child to gain independence through the mastery over the environment.


Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story
InFocus 3

Children are naturally connected with reality. It is their unconscious task to absorb their surroundings and become a person of their time and place within the first plane of life.


Exploding into Literacy

Exploding into Literacy
InFocus 3

The 3-6 Children’s House is a language rich environment.




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