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Infant Community (Birth - 3)
Toddler (2-3)
Early Years (3-6)
Primary (6-12)
InFocus 3 - April 2018
InFocus 2 - December 2017
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The Infant Community

The FMS Stages

At Forestville, our Birth-3 is comprised of three programs – one for babies in a class called “Nido” (Italian for ‘nest’), and two for toddlers.

Both age groups are assisted in a way which seeks to facilitate their adaptation and independence by offering:

  • Freedom of Movement
  • An environment rich in language
  • An inviting, sensorially-pleasing classroom
  • Order and consistency for a sense of security and trust
  • An environment rich in variety and experience
  • Respect for the potential of each child


NIDO – The Infant/Parenting Program

[For children aged 3 months to 18 months]

Infant and parent attend once a week to experience a time together without the interruptions and pressures normal elsewhere. Parents are able to step back a bit and observe how the children enjoy the specially-prepared space. And, our trained teachers answer questions and provide information regarding any parental concerns such as teething; feeding; sleep; separation anxiety and toileting.

It’s a learning time and a social time which concludes happily with music each visit.

Session Times: Monday, 1:30pm - 3pm (approximately 10 week term)


The Parent/Child Community

[For children aged 18 months to 3 years]

The toddler and his/her caregiver attend class once a week.It is possible to book additional days if you are interested.Again, the aim is to capture the child’s interest and cater for his need for order, movement and language.The environment is prepared to entice him to activities of:Practical Life(care of the environment and himself);Art and music; and Language. Your toddler’s hands-on experience with these activities:

  • Allow for repetition
  • Aid development of concentration
  • Offer fine- and gross-motor development opportunities
  • Assist refinement of movement
  • Develop will by offering choices
  • Facilitate independence

Session Times: Monday or Tuesday, 9:15am - 11:30am (approximately 10 week term)


The Toddler Community

[For children aged 2-3 years]

The Toddler Community is a 3 day program that instils the value of community life. Each child is followed individually but also encouraged to join in with group activities such as gardening, singing, dancing and eating. This program is offered either as a morning only program or as a full day program.



The Infant Community Background

Maria Montessori’s philosophy is based on the scientific observation of children at various stages of development: infancy, childhood, adolescence and maturity.

After developing a curriculum for the 3-6 and 6-12 year olds, Montessori devoted her energies to an understanding of and a preparation for the child from conception to three years of age.

Through careful observation and reflection, Montessori realised that the young 0-3 child has some very special innate abilities which are only present in those early years, but which help children adapt to the world they are born into. These are the Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods, and knowledge of them helps us, as adults, to prepare an environment for your children which facilitates each stage of their development.


Absorbent Mind

The young child, particularly from Birth-3, possesses an ability to unconsciously, indiscriminately and effortlessly absorb through his senses all that is his/her environment. This environment includes everything – the venue, the objects within it, and the people inhabiting it, as well as the perceptions and experiences that take place there.

Sensitive Periods

This term refers to a specific time (i.e., Birth-3) when the child has a special sensibility or receptiveness for acquiring a particular trait or human characteristic. The Sensitive Periods are like an inner urge which guide the child, drawing him to certain activities in the environment which aid his development. Sensitive Periods for the Birth-3 child are for Movement Order, and Language.

The Prepared Environment

In order for the staff to prepare an environment that is ordered, engaging, challenging and fulfilling for each child, they take into consideration the importance of the Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods – giving lots of attention to detail. The trained Montessori teacher uses her strong general knowledge of human development combined with the specific knowledge she gains of each individual child in her care to prepare an environment that meets their changing needs.


Parent Information and Education

Parent education is a very important part of the 0-3 program and is met both through observations and parent information evenings, which you are asked to attend.

More Information


For more Montessori information on the Birth-3 age group, please visit Aid to Life.



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The Infant Community environment is beautifully prepared to entice the children to develop their knowledge and skills through participating in every day experiences.

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The ‘Absorbent Mind’ is a Montessori term used to describe how the young child’s brain effortlessly soaks in every detail of their environment.



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