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Primary (6-12) Program

The FMS Primary Program

Education between the ages of 6-12 is not a direct continuation of the 3-6 program because the child begins to change psychologically. The 6-12 child develops a reasoning mind and the activities in the Montessori primary classroom fully support these new characteristics. The child's mind is now a fertile field for the development of intellect and mental independence.

What the child learns through his or her own reasoning powers is remembered for life.

The Primary Child is uniquely characterised by:

A reasoning mind


Intellectual Curiosity

A sense of justice

with a group


These new sensitivities evolve within the child, based on development already achieved and guide the child to a wider and more abstract plane of activity. Having established a familiarity with their immediate environment the child grows curious about its structures. The child is interested in organising and classifying information. The primary child suddenly interested in discovering and understanding the world, its functions and influences on the behaviour of humanity and is keen to contribute to the world.


The child is in love with ideas and becomes a philosopher. The Montessori environment supports these developmental needs by allowing the children to research, collaborate and discover solutions for themselves in a dynamic classroom. The teacher- facilitators are available for guidance and promote the child’s independence by facilitating the discovery process, sparking the child’s imagination and giving concrete, dynamic presentations. The children have the opportunity to pursue their interests in all curricular areas, developing concentration and good research skills.


The primary child becomes very idealistic and begins the process of understanding justice and developing consideration and compassion for others.


Peer relations become important because the child is developing a sense of community. Groups of children venture out into the wider world to follow particular interests and broaden their experiences. The world becomes their classroom to pursue an integrated curriculum that Dr. Maria Montessori termed ‘Cosmic Education’, a foundation for the study of curricular areas all of which are interconnected in life:





Science & Technology











Physical Education
& Health


Through exploration of these interrelated disciplines the children feel a great sense of the contributions and capabilities of all humankind, including themselves, and eagerly fulfil their own intellectual curiosity.



Articles about the Primary Program from InFocus

Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg
InFocus 2

Just as the 6 to 12 year old period is where children are strongest physically, this is also the period most receptive to intellectual learning.


Building Their Own Society

Building Their Own Society
InFocus 2

Social environments, in general, are complex places to manage. There are countless unspoken rules to navigate as we learn how to socialise in a meaningful manner.


Cooking Up a Social Storm

Cooking Up a Social Storm
InFocus 2

In the 9-12 classroom, we pick, chop, cook and eat – our garden-grown veggies, that is.


Storytellers of the Truth

Storytellers of the Truth
InFocus 3

Our lessons in the 6-9 classroom are therefore given with an appeal to their imagination and an appeal to reason.


Fuelling the Imagination & Igniting Understanding

Fuelling the Imagination & Igniting Understanding
InFocus 3

What we seek is to provide opportunities for children to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways that can show his or her true strength.


The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling
InFocus 3

The Great River is the sixth and last great story we tell in 9-12 classroom.




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