Edition 3 | April 2018

After School Care

We take a look at how the Extend After School care
has established itself at FMS.

Community Corner

Jessica Schroeder, Service Coordinator, Extend After School Care program.

Hello to all the parents at Forestville Montessori School, my name is Jessica Schroeder and I am the Service Coordinator of the new Extend After School Care program. I just thought I would take this opportunity to let you know a little bit about myself and some of the activities that the children participate in after school care.

I am an aspiring primary teacher and will be studying for my degree next year. One of my favourite things to do is go surfing at Long Reef beach at sunrise, I think it is a beautiful time of the day. I also enjoy travelling and have already done a solo trip to America and am planning a trip to Europe.

Over the last week there has been many exciting activities planned in after school care including sushi making, where the children were able to create and eat their own sushi roll, many of the children said this was their first time making their own sushi roll. More activities that were deeply enjoyed was Valentine’s Day theme paintings and origami as well as making Chinese dragon puppets in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Some planned activities for the future include paper plane designing and a flying race, creating masks from paper plates and many more creative activities.

It is a pleasure to be at FMS and I look forward to continuing to get to know your children.

Operating hours and fees

After School Care: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Session Fee: $31.00*
Pay approximately $10.02 - $15.50 after free relief entitlements.

*Fees are per child per session. For a full list of fees and charges including casual and emergency on-the-day bookings, see our Terms and Conditions on the EXTEND website.

Who can attend?

The program is open to all children aged 5-12 years of age.

How to Enrol

To gain access to any EXTEND service, families must enrol prior to using the service.

Enrol Now!

Fee Relief – The Facts

  • Fact 1: The Child Care Rebate (CCR) is NOT income tested. We encourage you to apply!
  • Fact 2: 50% is the minimum reduction you may receive in your fees. Further benefits may apply to you.

Learn More on EXTEND Website EXTEND Fee Relief Calculator FAQS