Edition 2 | December, 2017

From the Students
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Jump Rope for Heart was held in Term 3 on our fabulous new sports oval.

Myth Busting Montessori Education

Isabella, Student

The Heart FoundationBy skipping, we raised an amazing $3,546 for the Heart Foundation. A big thank you to everybody for participating.

From MC’ to DJ’s, event organisers and managers, Year 6 students all played important roles. Ty and Baron were our site managers for the day. Our fantastic MC’s were Isabella and Jet; In Jet’s own words, “I felt privileged to be able to speak to the FMS community.”

Finding Prime Factors.Our talented DJ’s, Henry-lee and Zahra, shared their thoughts “We enjoyed how the people were smiling and wanted more of the music.” Tia and Luca were in charge of the last job, organising the routines. Tia told us, “It was stressful at first but in the end we got the skippers attention and it went well because they tried their best.”

We had some incredibly creative routines on the day and one of the performers, Levi, shared his positive views of Jump Rope, “I like the fact that we were raising money and awareness for people with heart problems.”