Edition 1 | October, 2017

MMUN Conference
Hangzou, China

Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Conference in
Hangzhou, China, was held during the spring school holidays.

MMUN Converence

The conference commenced officially with the flag procession and opening ceremony. Congratulations to our MMUN coordinator, Alexanndra Bailey, and all the #ForestvilleMontessoriSchool delegates, representing the four countries of Peru, Qatar, Sierra Leone and Switzerland on various committee topics, including rights of indigenous people, Palestinian refugees in the near East, rights of disabled people, and nuclear radiation.

There are 600 delegates: 300 from the West and 300 from the East. It was a very interesting experience with new friends made from all over the world. Amazing what 9-12 year olds can contribute when given a chance. We need these peacemakers more than ever in our world today.

Congratulations to the FMS 6-12 students who attended the MMUN Conference.

For more information on the MMUN, please visit the website.