Edition 1 | October, 2017

where's the
strategic review
up to?

In Term 3, all staff met one on one with Denice to give
detailed feedback about FMS and we held staff workshops
considering a myriad of ideas for the future. This will continue during Term 4.

Some children participated in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops, where they offered an endless flow of ideas as they told stories about what they love about FMS and what we could do make the school even better.

What I love about Forestville Montessori School

What could we do even better?

‘Looking Forward’ for Forestville Montessori School, it’s important to capture unique perspectives and to reflect what is loved, how we can enhance what we do and dreams for the future. Denice is looking forward to conducting workshops with students in the 9-12 group during Term 4.

Parents were invited to complete an online survey which closes soon.

Have Your Say

Next Steps – Help us to tell the FMS story

Denice is seeking parents with expertise in marketing and communication to join a working party. The aim is to help us build FMS’s strategic narrative as we work to develop a deeper understanding of what makes FMS difference and what is our value proposition for prospective parents. The group will help us to strengthen our vision, our values and how best to bring the learning journey at FMS to life.

Join the Marketing and Communication Working Party