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Edition 5 | September, 2018

Thriving Beyond

See and feel the difference of a
Forestville Montessori School education.

“We are the sowers - our children are those who reap.
We labour so that future generations will be better and nobler than we are.”

Dr Maria Montessori

From Denice

Montessori Matters

Montessori Matters: The Hand and Mind Connection

The Hand and Mind Connection

Anthony shares his experience from his time at the Art and Science Museum in Singapore and how it reminded him of the way Montessori materials encourage abstract ideas, processes and concepts for students.

Through Parent Eyes

Through Parent Eyes – Elke Baltovski

Elke Baltovski shares her son's experience transitioning to Montessori from a mainstream school.

“Montessori is more of an extension
of our parenting ways at home.”

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