Edition 5 | September 2018

From the Students

Aisha Jackson

Aisha Jackson, 9-12 StudentAisha Jackson, 9-12 Student

Hi, my name is Aisha. I am in Level 6 at Forestville Montessori and love it here. There are lots and lots of reasons why I love this school sooo much.

We have no desks which means that we can interact with each other during class. I also like the fact that we do not have a uniform so people can be unique and individual in how they dress.

We have smaller year groups and that allows us to have discussions and talk about the lessons with each other. I also like that we get to be in a class for three years, which allows the teacher to get to know you better. By getting to know us better they can know what you are good and not so good so they can help you more. Again, we are able to grow more individually.

You can progress at your own level, meaning that if you are great in maths but very bad at language you can participate in higher levels in maths. If you don’t now how to do something you can go get the materials to help. You can also help younger kids with work, sports etc.

Sports at Forestville Montessori School is so so so much fun, our sports teacher is called Tamlin (by the way, we call our teachers by their first name, his is so unique), anyway he lets us help run the sports programs for the younger children which we love because the little kids are so so so cute. For recess (which we call break or play & lunch) we have an adorable little oval with some equipment, which we use after lunch.

What is also amazing about this school is that we have a whole week for school camp, well most of a week. This year’s camp was just before the long weekend so we only got three nights. The first camp we (the 9-12 class) went on was to Nelson Bay. We went snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding and roaming in the sand dunes. We had a blast!

In Year 5 we went to Canberra, it was very cold, but we loved it. I think the best part about it was that we got to go to the A.I.S., which is where the athletes train, I was so exited.

Reuben Aung-Thein

Reuben Aung-Thein, 9-12 StudentReuben Aung-Thein, 9-12 Student

Hi, my name is Reuben. I have been at Forestville Montessori for 8 years and today I would like to talk to you about my experience here.

One of the things that I like about Montessori is the freedom to choose your own work, the freedom to get off your seat and go and learn about work you have never known about before. But it’s the materials that really stand out the most. Each material tells some kind of story that makes the work easier to understand. For example, Racks & Tubes. If I use Racks & tubes to do division, I like to pretend that the little counters are people and that I have to share out the beads to them fairly so that no one gets left out.

My most memorable moment would have to be the camps. Over my 3 years in 9-12, I’ve attended to 3 different camps. And each one has a different experience. The first camp I went to was Port Stephens. The second was Canberra. And the third, and most recent, was at Summerset Outdoor Learning Centre, were we slept in tents.

Montessori has always been there for me. Since I was born I have been in a Montessori classroom and I have always wanted to know more about all of the different objects Montessori has to offer. I strongly encourage parents to send their children to a Montessori school.

I know it will be sad leaving this school, because I won’t only be leaving my school, but most of my memories as well.

Nina Terrey

Nina Terrey, 9-12 StudentNina Terrey, 9-12 Student

Hi, my name is Nina. I am a Year 6 student in Datevig’s 9-12 class, I have come such a long way in Montessori, I started in the 0-3 classroom and worked my way up to the 9-12 classroom. Working here is such a privilege.

I love how we students can work together and have the freedom to sit where we want and choose which materials we would like to work with each day.

I love how I can use different materials to help me understand new or complicated works. Everybody is friends with each other and the environment is friendly and happy. We also have the responsibility to finish and work out due dates for lessons we have been taught.

On a Wednesday during summer we go to Manly beach for Surf Education. We have grown a garden at the front of our classroom and we have produced a watermelon, (which was ruby red and delicious) corn, beans, figs and so much more. I love our fresh produce from the garden because we always get to eat and cook it!

The first camp I went on was Port Stephens, 2016, where I made best friends with Taicia, who is currently sitting next to me while I am writing this. The second camp we went on was Canberra, (which was FREEZING) but quite fun. We also are going on another camp in about 2 weeks, we are all quite exited.

We also learn Japanese, music and art. I remember one of my very first Japanese lessons with Lau Chi, Year 1 in the 6-9 class. We learnt the alphabet and wrote it in English, I remember playing lots of games.

Now we write words and ideas in Japanese, we still play games though, but we’re all quite improved. I love FMS and the way we learn things and I’m definitely going to miss this school when I leave.

A massive thank you to all the people and teachers that have taught me through the years, I really appreciate it.