Edition 5 | Septeamber 2018

Immersion Experiences

In our second Immersion Experiences article
we take to the stage with Shakeaspeare. 

Discovering Magical Maths

All the World's a Stage

Voice, movement and imagination were all part of the spectacular roaming performances held in the school grounds in Term 2 2018. Students in our 9-12 Years program were lured into the world of Shakespeare through drama and song.

Rather than just sitting and reading Shakespeare, students worked with professional actors from The Sport for Jove Theatre Company in a three-day residency that had them up on their feet, actively engaging with ‘Macbeth’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Henry V’.

“We’re so were very impressed with the students and their ability to get off the ground so quickly at such a young age.” said Adele Querol and actor from Sport for Jove

“That’s what learning at Forestville Montessori School is all about.” said Denice Scala, Principal. “We don’t believe children should be prisoners of time by being locked into doing things only when they reach a certain age. Experiences like this can have a profound and lasting impact on the way children think and approach learning. We expand children’s horizons regardless of their age or abilities by cultivating their thinking.”

“I used to think Shakespeare was for grown ups but now that I’m acting and trying it out, it’s not boring at all. It’s exciting.” said Ptarmigan, a student at FMS.
Immersion Experiences

Dr Maria Montessori would have approved. She believed learning by doing was key to understanding and that children at this age find joy in pursuing intellectual challenges.

“When I found out that we were going to do this it sounded way too complicated but now we’re actually learning the play, it’s so enjoyable.” commented Joseph, a student at FMS

Students relished the opportunity to bring Shakespeare’s storytelling to life in a dynamic way and it was obvious how much they had learned as they took their final bows to great rounds of applause from family and friends.

Discovering Magical Maths
“Ever since my mum started reading the plays to me I’ve always liked Shakespeare. Now the acting makes the words even more real and I get how funny some of the themes are.” added Reuben, a student at FMS