Edition 2 | December, 2017

Safety In Structure

The Prepared Environment is one of the basic elements.
It must be physically and psychologically prepared for the children.

Christine Wright, Director 3-6 Environment

The 3-6 children need to have freedom of movement and space to move in order to carry out development tasks in the Prepared Environment.

Exercises are given in balance and control such as the Walking on the Line and Silence game. The child must be able to carry different objects around and through the environment inside or outside.

Exercises are given in balance and controlWalking on the Line and the Silence game concentrate for example specifically on movement control. The control of gross body movements, are directly through the exercise of Walking on the Line.

Preliminary exercises are those exercises that the child is introduced to on their arrival to the Children’s house. They are not mundane but respectful, exciting and interesting. The child learns to live and value each part of the environment. Living in an attitude of respect.

The Practical Life area helps build self-worth, a strong sense of self, an ability to cope, to manage, attack challenges, sharing, helpful and respectful of each other.

Exercises are given in balance and controlDevelopmental Needs

The children must be free to express themselves and thus reveal those needs and attitudes which would otherwise remain hidden or repressed in an environment that did not permit them to act spontaneously.

The environment needs to be organised, so that the child can respond emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. The child has the opportunity to develop socially and explore socially.


The Free Method of WorkSocial Skills

The free method of work, the Prepared Environment which encourages respect for others and for materials and the inclusion of children of varying ages in one group. They are able to discuss ideas through their work. They are able to teach each other, the younger child looks up to the older child. He is able to imitate, copy the older child and in turn the older child is able to support and cooperate. They both can contribute through the love and care of the Prepared Environment.



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