Edition 2 | December, 2017

Through the eyes
of Alumni

My experience with Montessori as a parent and child.

Idette Warburton, AlumniIdette Warburton, Alumni

My history with Montessori started as a 3-year-old attending Cameragal Montessori pre-school. It was during this time that my involvement with Forestville Montessori began, initially as a child of parents involved in starting the school, and as a sister of my brother who was a member of the first student cohort. It continued when I joined two years later as a 6-year-old.

While I attended 'main stream' education for high school, I was fortunate to stay in touch with Montessori through my mother who was the Director of a number of 3-6 and 0-3 classes.

When it came to making choices for my own children's education, the decision to start our journey at FMS was a fairly easy one. I only had positive, happy memories from my time there and hoped I could offer that same experience to my children.

Starting from the 0-3, my son Jake is now a level 5 in Datevig's 9-12 class and Abigail is a level 2 in Xarifa's 6-9 class. Despite the foundation I have with Montessori, every person is individual - and certainly my children each have their own unique personalities! If I hadn't witnessed first-hand the absolute excitement, confidence and joy my children have in learning every day at school, I wouldn't have assumed our journey would necessarily follow the Montessori route. As a parent, I can see how my children are reaching their full potential at FMS, as a child of Montessori I know it has helped me succeed in my life.

Like any schooling experience there have been some ups and downs and times when keeping the faith that we have made the right decision has been tested, but each time this happens I’ve taken a deep breath and trusted that Maria Montessori knew what she was doing and kept going. Without doubt, every time that leap of faith was well worth the results. As my son’s journey at FMS nears its end I can see how the years before laid the foundation and how each cycle contributed to his growth and development into the student he is now.

While I don't know where my children's journey will ultimately end, I feel fortunate that they have received a strong foundation in what I consider to be the 'academic years', one that will help them succeed wherever they end up.