Edition 1 | October, 2017


When was the last time you were in ‘In the Zone?’
That zone where nothing else matters, where you lost track of time,
where you were energised to keep going and you were thoroughly enjoying the activity.
Have you identified a time? Maybe you’ve identified multiple times.
What were you doing? Was it at work, with the family or a personal pursuit?

Denice Scala, CEO

Denice ScalaAs parents, searching for ways to show our children when we are ‘In the Zone’ is important. Exploring ways for our children to experience being In the Zone is not easy. Non-stop structured activities after school are not the answer. Finding the balance between screen time and playtime is another challenge.

One of the many aspects of education at FMS that has impressed me is the children’s level of engagement. There are numerous reasons for this: the intentionally prepared environments constructed to invite children to learn at their own pace. Staff with high levels of expectations. Learning that’s designed so children can leap towards independence at the right time. Staff providing timely and meaningful feedback. Children planning their day. Children given choice. A three-hour work cycle allowing for in-depth study without interruption.

Then there’s the invitation to be outside in the gardens enjoying nature. There’s delicious and healthy cooking with ingredients grown by the children in their own gardens. There are animals that need to be cared for. It’s day upon day of enriching experiences and exactly what psychologist, Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi called ‘flow.’ He has spent years researching people who are fully absorbed and energised by their focus on activities. He need look no further than our Montessori classrooms here at FMS.

Watch his TED Talk to hear more.

Thank you to Vanessa Treverrow for her insightful article in our column, Through the Eyes of a Parent, that also highlights the benefits of being ‘In the Zone’.

As one FMS Alumni described to me about his experiences looking back after University, “I was taught to think and realise now, it was learning for the long run.” I hope you enjoy the articles presented in this edition of InFocus as we invite you to share all that’s happening at FMS.