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“We are the sowers – our children are those who reap. We labour so that future generations will be better and nobler than we are.”
Dr Maria Montessori

Choosing the right school for your child is a significant decision. How do you make that decision? What do you need to know to help you take the next step? Everyone has an opinion so which way to turn?

We’re here to help. Websites are now cited as the top research tool used by parents to search for a school followed of course by word of mouth. So what do our parents have to say about Forestville Montessori School? You’ll find lots of information in our website but if you like to read the numbers here are some remarkable statistics taken from our parent survey:

Agreed that FMS prepares children for lifelong learning.

Agreed that FMS provides sound teaching of the basics.

Agreed that FMS provides a challenging curriculum.

Agreed that FMS provides
challenging work that stretches
student thinking.

Agreed that their child
is happy at FMS.

Agreed that their child is
valued and respected .

Agreed that the Montessori materials are beautifully presented.

Agreed that the classroom
environments are welcoming.

Agreed that their children are in a well-rounded learning environment.

Numbers speak one language. Our school speaks many languages that all focus on exemplary education but the language we like to hear most are the words from our children:

“I love my school!”

We can’t wait to welcome you and your family to experience first-hand the special magic of Forestville Montessori School.

Denice Scala,

Philosophy In Action

Learn about how the Montessori philosophy is implemented through the teaching at FMS. Hear from our parents and teachers about how a Montessori education can benefit your child, taking them beyond inspired.

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