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Forestville Montessori School welcomes children of all backgrounds and abilities and in the spirit of Maria Montessori, provides child relevant programs to meet diversity, need and stage of development.

Enrolment is accepted on the assumption that the parent(s)/carer(s) will be supportive of the Board, School management team and the philosophical foundations of the School and will follow appropriate pathways when following up on concerns relating to the child.

1. Application

1.1 School Tour

All families interested in enroling in Forestville Montessori School are required to attend a school tour. Tours are generally held each fortnight and can be booked via the Forestville Montessori School website.

1.2 Application Fee

An application fee of $180 is charged upon receipt of the application form. A copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunisation record is required as part of the application to enrol at Forestville Montessori School.

1.3 Selection Criteria

Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The key selection criteria are:

  • A demonstrated interest in and knowledge of Montessori education, for example through attendance at information evenings and open days and the meeting with the School Principal. Attendance in the Infant Community program is also regarded as an indication of interest.
  • The date of receipt of the application forms and payments, and the child’s age at that date.
  • Whether a sibling of the child is or has been a student at Forestville Montessori School beyond Stage 1 (3-6 years). For this to apply the younger sibling needs to have been registered on the waitlist prior to turning one and the parents or guardians need to have been participating in the life of the school.
  • Commitment to the full Montessori program to the end of Stage 3 (9-12 years).
  • The needs of the classrooms in terms of maintaining a balance of children by age and by gender.
  • If the parent/carer(s) were a Montessori students, either at Forestville Montessori School or another Montessori School.

2. Acceptance of Offer

Places are offered at Forestville Montessori School upon the discretion of the School Principal. Only after a school tour has been attended and if required a meeting with the School Principal will an offer be sent.

Offers of place must be accepted within 10 working days, the following acceptance conditions apply:

  • An offer of enrolment must be accepted by both Parent/carer(s) where appropriate unless the School agrees to waive this requirement. Upon acceptance all signatories to the terms and conditions will be jointly and severally liable in respect of the obligations contained in these terms and conditions.
  • The acceptance of the offer must be accompanied by a non-refundable, non-transferable fee as stated in the Statement of Fees.
  • Each child is expected to attend the School for the entire nine year program. Withdrawing a child before the completion of the Program may upset the child’s educational development and disturb the balance in the class, creating a gap which is often impossible to fill.
  • Forestville Montessori School membership must be kept current for the duration of the child’s attendance at the School.
  • Parents are requested to support and participate in the school community in a variety of ways and are encouraged to attend parent education evenings organised by the teaching staff to deepen their knowledge of Montessori education at Forestville Montessori School.
  • In the Montessori spirit and community, parents are asked to participate in fundraising activities and working bees or to pay levies.

2.1 Siblings

Conditions of acceptance for siblings are similar to those for the first child. Sibling priority is only applied if the older sibling has completed or has the intention of completing the full School program i.e. Pre Primary and Primary.

2.2 Deferment of enrolment

An offer of enrolment is for a particular Stage. To defer an offered or accepted place at the School, prior to commencement, the student will be placed on the waiting list for the deferred entry point. The student’s date of application will be amended to the date of the deferment.

2.3 Confirmation of enrolment

To confirm the enrolment of a new student, the student’s first term tuition fees must be paid by the date specified on the invoice or the accepted place will be lost.

3. Capacity of the School to Cater for a Student

3.1 Assessment before entry

All enrolments are conditional upon the School being satisfied in its discretion that the Student’s needs can be met by the School. The School may cancel the enrolment if it determines prior to the start of the enrolment that the Student’s needs cannot be met.

The School will require Parent/carer(s) to provide reports and assessments necessary to determine the particular needs of the student.

4. Requirements of Students

4.1 Behaviour

A student’s poor behaviour or absence may disrupt not only their own education and development but also those of other students and the operation of the School. Consequently, a student is required at all times to:

  • Abide by the School Rules and Codes of Conduct as they apply from time-to-time
  • Behave courteously and considerately to each other and to staff at all times
  • Support the goals and values of the School * Not do anything which may adversely affect the reputation of the School, including in print and electronic media
  • Attend and, if required, participate in important school events, camps and excursions that are an integral part of the School’s curriculum.
  • There is no school uniform. In accordance with the School’s guidelines, Students must wear a sun-hat and sunscreen when outdoors.

4.2 Attendance

Students must attend the School during specified school hours, except where leave is granted or in the case of ill health. The School may require appropriate documentation, including medical certificates to support leave.

4.3 Personal belongings

Students are responsible for their personal belongings and the School will not be liable for any loss of these belongings. All items must be labelled.

5. Requirements of Parent/carer(s)

5.1 Following School procedures

The Parent/carer(s) of a student have an important role in ensuring their child meets School requirements and in fostering a respectful and supportive School community. Hence they are required at all times:

  • must accept and abide by the requirements and directions of the School Board and the Principal relating to the Student or students generally and not interfere in any way with conduct, management and administration of the School,
  • are required to support the Montessori philosophy, goals, values and activities of the School, and
  • should view the School’s parent portal on a regular basis and/or read the Newsletters
  • Adhere to the School’s requirements relating to behaviour of students.
  • Support and adhere to the student code of conduct and the School’s method of dealing with any consequences of its infraction.

The Parent/carer(s) must promptly advise the School:

  • in writing of any change of home, mailing, email address or contact details or other information on the Enrolment Application Form. Offers of enrolment may be cancelled if the School loses contact with the parent or mail is returned
  • if the Student is absent from the School due to ill health or other reason
  • in writing of any orders or arrangements that affect the Student concerning custody or access, any change to them or any other orders or arrangements which were relevant to the Student’s education and welfare and provide copies of any orders to the School.

The Parent/carer(s) also:

  • should communicate with students, parent/carer(s), visitors and staff members in a courteous manner, and follow the communication guidelines laid down by the School from time-to-time and observe the Parent Code of Conduct,
  • should use their reasonable endeavours to attend parent-teacher interviews and parent forums and participate in courses offered by the School which are relevant to the Student’s education
  • must not use social media to denigrate the School, staff, students or other members of the School community.

6. Health and Safety

Parent/carer(s) must advise the School immediately if they become aware of any special needs that the Student may have including, but not limited to, any medical, physical, psychological needs, or any changes to these needs

Parent/carer(s) must complete and return to the School the required health form for the Student prior to the Student commencing at the School and provide updates if circumstances change or as required by the School from time to time.

If the Student is ill or injured, requiring urgent hospital and/or medical treatment (for example injections, blood transfusions, surgery) and parent/carer(s) are not readily available to authorise such treatment, the CEO or, in the CEO’s absence, a senior staff member of the School, may give the necessary authority for such treatment. The parent/carer(s) indemnify the School, its employees and agents in respect of all costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly out of such treatment.

Parent/carer(s) must observe School security procedures for the protection of students. Students are responsible for their personal property and the School does not accept any responsibility for the loss of their belongings

The CEO/Principal or nominee may search the Student’s bag, locker or other possessions where there are reasonable grounds to do so, in order to maintain a safe environment for all students.

6.1 Immunisation record

As part of enrolling a child in the in Forestville Montessori School, families are to provide a copy of their child’s immunisation record. From 1 January 2018, only the following children may be enrolled in Forestville Montessori School:

  • children who are fully immunised for their age
  • have a NSW Department of Health approved medical reason not to be immunised
  • on a immunisation catch-up schedule

Children who are unvaccinated due to their parent’s conscientious objection will no longer be able to enrol at FMS.

If you are unable to provide an immunisation record for your child, a letter from an approved medical practitioner stating outlining why they are not immunised is required. The reason provided needs to be one that has been approved by the Australian Government Department of Health.

6.2 Keeping the School informed

The Parents must as soon as possible notify the School:

  • in writing of contact details and any changes (telephone, email and address)
  • if a student is to be absent from the school through ill health, and subsequently to give details in writing
  • in writing, if there are orders or arrangements with respect to the student concerning custody or access, or changes to them or other orders which are relevant to the education and welfare of the student and if requested by the School, provide evidence and details

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Leave

If the Parent/carer(s) wish to seek leave for the Student not to attend School they must apply to the School Principal.

7.2 Removal and suspension

The School may suspend or terminate the enrolment of a student, either temporarily or permanently at any time for reasons which may include, but are not limited to:

  • a serious breach of the School’s rules or Code of Conduct
  • conduct prejudicial to the reputation of the School or the well-being of its students or staff, and;
  • where the Principal or School Board believes that a mutually beneficial relationship of co-operation and trust between the School and the Parent/carer(s) has broken down to the extent that it adversely impacts on that relationship

The School will only exercise its powers under this clause to expel a student if it has provided the Student and their parent/guardian(s) with details of the conduct which may result in a decision to expel the Student and provided them with a reasonable opportunity to respond and where there has been procedural fairness.

The School may terminate the enrolment of the Student without notice if, either before or after the commencement of enrolment, the School finds the relevant particulars of the special needs of the Student have not been provided to the School or the particulars provided are materially incorrect or misleading.

7.3 Programs and activities

The School reserves the right to determine all aspects of its educational and other programs, and the resources applied to them. The School may change these at any time without notice. This may include discontinuing subjects and other programs.

Upon enrolling a student in Forestville Montessori School, Parent/carer(s) are expected to give permission for the student to participate in all its activities, including excursions, camps and outdoor education and activities. Unless the School Principal decides otherwise:

  • students must participate in all compulsory activities, whenever held
  • charges may be payable for all activities even if a student through ill health or otherwise is unable to attend.

7.4 Provision of reports by the School

The School will provide academic reports to the email addresses notified by the Parent/carer(s). Where the Parents are separated or divorced, reports will be provided to both Parents unless there is an Order of the Court or an agreement that reports are to be sent to only one Parent.

8. Fees and Charges

8.1 Responsibility

The Parent/carer(s) of each student are jointly and severally liable for all fees and charges and any other amounts due to the School.

8.2 Amount

Fees and charges, including any deposit or non-refundable enrolment fee, are as determined by the School Board.

The fees are revised regularly and may be amended each year. Fees and Charges are also levied for discretionary activities. The School may also incur expenditure for the Student’s needs on behalf of the parent/carer(s) as it reasonably considers necessary, which may be added to the parent/carer(s)’s school account.

Continued enrolment is conditional on payment when due. Fees and charges are not refundable, except as expressly provided in these conditions. Accounts for Fees are sent out at the beginning of each school term.

All medical expenses incurred on behalf of a Student must be reimbursed by the parent/carer(s).

8.3 Absences

Fees and charges will not be reduced in respect of a student’s absence. Should a student be granted a leave of absence by the School Principal, tuition fees will be charged for the duration of the granted leave.

8.4 Default in payment

Fees, charges and other amounts are payable by the due dates as specified by the School. Failure to pay by the due date causes the School to incur costs. Charges for late payment will apply to compensate the School for these costs. If fees and charges for any student are not paid when due and alternative arrangements have not been agreed, the student may not be allowed to continue in attendance at the School until they have been paid in full. Extra activities are not available to students whose fees are in arrears.

8.5 Discontinuing activities

If a student is to discontinue an activity that is provided for an additional fee, the Parents must give at least six weeks prior notice of the discontinuance expiring at the end of a term otherwise six weeks’ fees will be charged.

8.6 Leaving Forestville Montessori School

If a student is to leave the School:

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requires that parent/carer(s) advise the School in writing of the name of the school the Student will be attending and the grade the Student will be entering at the new school.

If the parent/carer(s) wish to withdraw a Student from the School, notice given must be not less than one full term’s notice to expire at the end of a term.

If the required notice of withdrawal of a Student is not given the parent/carer(s) must pay a School term’s fees.

9. Privacy

The Parent/guardian(s) acknowledge that they have read the School’s Privacy Policy.

10. Amendment of these Terms and Conditions

The School may alter these conditions at any time by giving notice to the Parent/carer(s) in writing. Alterations will apply to all current and future students and their parents and guardians from the date of the notice.

11. Definitions in the Terms and Conditions

  • Parent means the parent/guardian(s) who entered into the contract of enrolment with the School
  • School means the Forestville Montessori School
  • Student means the student who is named in the contract of enrol


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