Looking for an education that takes your child above and beyond?

Ignite your child’s natural curiosity, 

independence and joy for lifelong learning 

at Forestville Montessori School.

Under 3

Birth – 3 Years


3 – 6 Years

Lower Primary

6 – 9 Years

Upper Primary

9 – 12 Years

The Montessori Difference

At FMS we play to your child’s innate strengths – regardless of their age or ability, without competitive pressure. We cultivate thinking outside the box, expanding their horizons, taking them beyond accomplished.

Graphic of Beyond Imagined: Growing Pathways

Embracing your child’s individuality while nurturing ways to explore a deep and meaningful understanding of the world around them.

Explore Under 3
Graphic of Beyond Inspired: Harnessing Curiosity

Seeking adventures to ignite your child’s natural curiosity, energy and joy for lifelong learning.

Explore Pre-Primary
Graphic of Beyond Engaged: Capturing Enthusiasm

Offering your child hands-on, self-paced, collaborative learning. We explore individual interests to enable ongoing positive engagement and enthusiasm.

Explore Lower Primary
Graphic of Beyond Accomplished: Expanding Horizons

Playing to your child’s innate strengths – regardless of their age or abilities – without competitive pressure. We cultivate thinking outside the box.

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Montessori in Action

Farewell our 2022 Graduates!

From outdoor learning, even before it was a trend during COVID to connecting with the Earth and building strong relationships, Montessori education lives in the hearts and minds of our Graduates.  Our 2022 graduates embody the purpose of a Montessori education – to educate for life and for peace.  Listening to what they have to say, it will illuminate all that we hope for in our future generations.  Neste Szarka-Kovacs…
FMS Values

Time for Togetherness

During the holiday season, we can unintentionally become a bit edgy or stressed. Routines change. We might travel or have visitors staying. While our children may feel excited about the holidays, they also can feel the changes in family routines or shifts in family dynamics.   If we are getting together with extended family or friends—no matter how loving, patient, and well-meaning—having additional people mixed into the scene, especially during the…
FMS Values

Shifting from “Stuff” to the Spirit of the Season

All too often the holiday season becomes about “stuff”–presents, decorations, more presents. How do we wean our children away from their focus on getting gifts and instead shift attention to the spirit of togetherness, generosity, peace, and goodwill?  It can be helpful to hold a family meeting and talk about everyone’s feelings about the holidays. We can ask our children about what, besides the gifts, they really like about the…

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