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Ignite your child’s natural curiosity, 

independence and joy for lifelong learning 

at Forestville Montessori School.

Under 3

Birth – 3 Years


3 – 6 Years

Lower Primary

6 – 9 Years

Upper Primary

9 – 12 Years

The Montessori Difference

At FMS we play to your child’s innate strengths – regardless of their age or ability, without competitive pressure. We cultivate thinking outside the box, expanding their horizons, taking them beyond accomplished.

Graphic of Beyond Imagined: Growing Pathways

Embracing your child’s individuality while nurturing ways to explore a deep and meaningful understanding of the world around them.

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Graphic of Beyond Inspired: Harnessing Curiosity

Seeking adventures to ignite your child’s natural curiosity, energy and joy for lifelong learning.

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Graphic of Beyond Engaged: Capturing Enthusiasm

Offering your child hands-on, self-paced, collaborative learning. We explore individual interests to enable ongoing positive engagement and enthusiasm.

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Graphic of Beyond Accomplished: Expanding Horizons

Playing to your child’s innate strengths – regardless of their age or abilities – without competitive pressure. We cultivate thinking outside the box.

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Montessori Basics

Montessori Basics: Observation

Montessori classrooms rely heavily on the art of observation. Sadly, during COVID, physical observation onsite was not possible but now we want to get back into this practice.   You may see it in action some time, or you may have an opportunity to try it yourself (which we welcome and encourage!).  If you ever walk past a classroom and see the children working intently, while the educator is quietly sitting…
Montessori Learning

Materials Spotlight: The Puzzle Maps

Today we celebrate and explain the Montessori puzzle maps. Beautifully and colourfully painted and carefully crafted out of wood, they can be found in both the Pre-Primary (3-6 Years) and Lower Primary (6-9 Years) classrooms. While they are used differently in the two environments, educators take a developmentally appropriate approach to utilising this beautiful geography material.  The Material  In a Montessori classroom, one will find a wooden rack that contains…
Montessori Philosophy

Resetting our Thinking: Why the Montessori Environment for 6-12 Year Olds is Different from the 3-6 Environment.

This article was originally published by Trillium Montessori and is adapted to reflect FMS learning environments.  When people talk about Montessori education often what is described is a 3-6 classroom experience. Most people think it is an education only for pre-schoolers and are quite surprised that there are Montessori environments for primary and high school students, and even the aged! We know that the 3-6 is the age of development…

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