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As Montessorians, we believe in the power of human connection and adaptation. In moments that feel unfamiliar, we thrive.

Forestville Montessori School committed to our students and families. We are keen to get to know you and your child, and therefore provide one-on-one tours. These are held during term time every day, either at 9:30am or 10:15am. If you would like to schedule a tour at another time, please call us on (02) 9452 2044.

For families who are interested in learning more about our school, please select a date below. During your tour we will give you the full introduction to our school and we’ll learn more about you and your child/ren.

Topics we will cover:

  • What our classrooms look like (including class sizes and materials)
  • Who makes up our wonderful, dedicated staff and how they build collaborative, long lasting meaningful relationships with your child/ren
  • A “day-in-the-life” of our students – across all programs
  • Our nurturing, child-centered community based on mutual respect
  • How we support co-operation over competition
  • Our focus on your child/ren, their inner drive, their desire to be independent
  • Our very special parent community

Please select a date from the calendar below:

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Under 3

Birth – 3 Years


3 – 6 Years

Lower Primary

6 – 9 Years

Upper Primary

9 – 12 Years

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