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Immersion Experiences

Celebrating joyful scholars who embrace independence, responsibility, initiative and self-discipline. We guide your child to take their place in the world as mentors and leaders of the future.

We offer a balanced approach to learning and we believe that immersing students in a myriad of experiences enriches their personal and world views. Not segregating subjects by grade or teaching subjects in isolation means we can expose children to thinking beyond the normal curriculum.

“Character education cannot be taught.
It comes from experience and not from explanation.”
Dr Maria Montessori


We provide pathways to leadership growth. Students at Forestville Montessori have a voice in decision making. They make choices about their own leaning every day and this builds confidence. ‘Going Out’ is a unique part of a Montessori education. It involves our 9-12 children organising and seeking approval for their own excursions. From their transport, to bookings to budgets, they manage everything! Experiences of this nature are real and meaningful. That’s the way we like to build leadership qualities.

Positive Relationships

Respectful relationships are the cornerstone of a Montessori education as we guide the children to independently resolve conflict and make choices that benefit themselves and their classroom community. Grace and Courtesy lessons form part of everyday Montessori education as the children care for materials, respect a fellow student’s work and space, make polite requests and learn social etiquette. URSTRONG is introduced at just the right time to assist our students to navigate the complex world of friendships.

Global Citizenship

“This is the bright new hope for mankind. Within the child lies the faith of the future.”
Dr Maria Montessori

Our students can participate in the Montessori Model United Nations.

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