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What Parents Say About FMS


Tracking Children Individually

In a Montessori classroom we offer your child hands-on, self-paced, collaborative learning. We explore their individual interests to enable ongoing positive engagement and enthusiasm, taking them beyond engaged.


“My children have thrived at FMS, more than previously with traditional methods of teaching. They’re free, independent thinkers.”

FMS parent

We are renowned for providing genuine Montessori education. We trust the Montessori philosophy to guide all that we do.

Our focus is always on learning.

“Our child enjoys FMS. He’s growing into a well-rounded person. FMS is superior to the alternatives of most long day care centres. It’s a learning environment.”

FMS parent

Our teachers are expert practitioners who are qualified to the highest standards. They breathe life into the Montessori philosophy.

“The Montessori teaching standards at FMS are incredibly high.”

FMS parent

Nurturing is a word you hear often as parents describe our school.

“Such a nurturing environment with beautiful materials.”

FMS parent

Our community spirit sets us apart.

“FMS has given my children a sense of self and a sense of community. I think the Montessori environment has really helped them to develop into kind, thoughtful and creative individuals with the ability to work independently, and to work well in groups.”

FMS parent

Our learning environments are places of beauty and inspiration.

“My daughter has blossomed at FMS. She was a shy child but has developed into a self-assured individual. FMS has fostered her individuality and independence. I think these traits are important in today’s society and FMS is an amazing, nurturing environment to teach kids those traits.”

FMS parent

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