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June 2019

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Central to everything we do is our Montessori philosophy and our commitment to providing the highest quality of Montessori education through our Birth to age 12 programs. This is strengthened by our vision and our core values. To make this happen, we focus on aligning all that we do in our day to day practices to support our students in their growth and development, our staff in their passion for...
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Children playing in a pond

Engaged or Bored? How to Tell What Your Child is Feeling at School

By Emotional Wellbeing, Montessori Basics, Montessori Learning, Montessori Philosophy No Comments
How do you know what your child is feeling at school? A familiar scenario: your child comes home from school, and you, the interested parent, eagerly ask them how their day was and what they did.  While some children will happily relay the day’s events, most shrug and say, “Good” without offering any detail.  Don’t worry - this is totally normal.  After all, it’s not even really a question about...
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Making a Difference – What is the Role of the Montessori Teacher?

By Montessori Educators, Montessori Learning, Montessori Philosophy One Comment
What, exactly, is the role of the Montessori teacher?  How is it so different from that of any other teacher? Sometimes it’s easiest to begin by explaining what a Montessori teacher isn’t. A Montessori teacher is less like the traditional idea of an instructor, and more like a gentle guide.  They don’t consider it their job to give a child information.  They rather lead children in the general direction and...
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