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Montessori Educators

The Magic of Motivation

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We are often amazed at the capabilities of Montessori children.  They bounce home from school each day excited about their learning.  As adults, they tend to be driven and innovative.  How does one cultivate such an attitude toward the world?  How might we guide our children to want to learn?  To want to discover?  To always pursue more without being told they must?  The key lies in what type of...
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How Do Our Staff Address Avoidance?

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One of the top questions parents ask about Montessori is: How do teachers deal with children avoiding work they don’t want to do? This is a really important concern, and becomes increasingly so as children get older. Most families know Montessori centers on student choice, and it can be hard to envision that value working in conjunction with accountability. The good news is it’s something we take very seriously. In...
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Making a Difference – What is the Role of the Montessori Teacher?

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What, exactly, is the role of the Montessori teacher?  How is it so different from that of any other teacher? Sometimes it’s easiest to begin by explaining what a Montessori teacher isn’t. A Montessori teacher is less like the traditional idea of an instructor, and more like a gentle guide.  They don’t consider it their job to give a child information.  They rather lead children in the general direction and...
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Mathematics through the levels

Montessori Basics: How Mathematics Progresses Through the Levels

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In Montessori, you know your four year old loves their classroom and their work.  You know their teachers are guiding them to learn early mathematical skills.  But what, exactly, does that look like?  And how does it change as they get older?  Montessori mathematics materials are nothing short of amazing.  While they look quite different than what we used growing up (pencil, paper and textbooks) there are intentional reasons for...
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