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July 2020

Amongst the Treetops

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It’s hard to imagine our world without trees.  Silent and towering, they give us far more than we give them. Our children have a natural fascination with trees, from the time they are very young.  We are so lucky at Forestville Montessori School to be surrounded by beautiful trees.  This week we celebrate these magnificent plants with a list of books that we hope will inspire and cultivate awe and...
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FMS Garden Update

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We’ve had a busy time moving things around and getting things growing.  At FMS we split our time at the school between teaching and ecological garden management with the odd bit of cooking thrown in. The Seed to Plate program has taken on a life of its own since we started under the wing of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program a couple of years back. Over the seasons, we...
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5 Tips for Cultivating an Adventurous Spirit

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There are times in our lives when caution and hesitation serve us well. The current times we are living in serve as a stark reminder of this. After all, self-preservation is critical to living a safe,  long and happy life. But finding ways to incorporate adventure into even the most mundane of routines sparks something special in the human spirit. Adventure shows us the magic of our world and gives...
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Beyond Imagined | Growing Pathways – Term 3 in our Toddler 2-3 Program

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Welcome back to Term 3! Things are slowly returning to normal. We continue to prepare the environment with an enhanced layout, some new rugs and a brand-new Air-Conditioning system has been installed. We are very excited to say that with the current advice from NSW Health and WHO that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through food and that there is no evidence that COVID is a food-borne disease we are all...
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