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October 2021

4 Montessori Quotes That Give Us Perspective

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I’ve often said that Maria Montessori has a quote for everything.  When you start to read her vast body of work, it’s no wonder.  Dr. Maria Montessori was a scientist and physician, first and foremost. She stumbled her way into education when she observed the mistreatment of children put into her care. She recognised that adults (especially at the time) did not give children the credit and respect they deserved, and this launched...
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Stop Tantrums and Defiance in 4 steps with Lorena Seidel

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In our latest blog, we share Lorena Seidel's incredible presentation on Tantrums and Defiance. Lorena Seidel M.Ed. is a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Consultant, a certified Montessori teacher, a trained Positive Discipline Educator, a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR teacher, and a mother of three. In this video, Lorena will share various tools and strategies to help parents thrive at parenting and create an emotionally intelligent home. She answers parent questions, and...
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