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October 2020

Grace and Courtesy: More Than Manners

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Sometimes it can feel like our society has abandoned previous social norms. In some ways, this is a good thing, especially when social norms are not inclusive or are harmful. Many of these norms, however, are important in nurturing a society in which human beings treat each other with kindness and respect. Somewhere along the way we forgot our manners. This brings us to a critical element in Montessori education:…
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Series to Get Hooked On: A Book List to Keep Them Reading!

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When was the last time you read a book that was so good you hated to see it end? Perhaps it was part of a series and you quickly got your hands on the next book, or perhaps it was an author’s style that you loved so you began reading everything you could find that they’d written. New readers can experience the same feeling. All it takes is one truly…
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Montessori Basics: Following the Child

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“When a child is given a little leeway, he will at once shout, ’I want to do it!’ But in our schools, which have an environment adapted to children’s needs, they say, ‘Help me to do it alone.’ ” - Maria Montessori in The Secret of ChildhoodMontessorians are often heard saying, “Follow the child.” It’s a statement that guides us each day and drives our work in very particular ways.…
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