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March 2024

Head 2 Head Principal’s Conference: A tour of Montessori innovation and inspiration

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In a celebration of Montessori excellence, principals and leaders from across Australia, were hosted by their Perth colleagues for the MSCA Head 2 Head (H2H) conference.  This annual event, aims to build collegiality, share ideas and delve deeply into the world of leadership in a Montessori way.   The four day experience from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 March 2024 was planned as an immersion to allow for new learning and reflection...
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Social Benefits of Montessori: The Primary Years

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With NAPLAN receiving so much attention this week, we want to highlight the importance of skills learned during primary school, other than academics. Social and emotional learning are hot topics in today's education world and Montessori primary schools have this built into their curriculum.  Before moving on to social and emotional learning, let’s recollect the academic benefits of Montessori education. An August 2023 meta-analysis of 32 studies highlights how students...
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Toilet Learning: The Montessori Way

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The toilet learning process for young children takes time but doesn’t have to feel daunting. Here are some key aspects of toileting the Montessori way.  As parents we quickly learn that children have control over three things: eating, sleeping, and toileting. Rather than engage in power struggles, however, we can help children develop the skills they need to manage and gain mastery over these essential aspects of life.   In Montessori...
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