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August 2019

Montage of the world on a child's face.

The World Needs Montessori Children

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Curious about why?    Watch the first of a series of videos where our families and teachers share their experiences of a Montessori education. Hear from one of our founders, Sue Birdsall about the benefits of a Montessori education for your child. Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below! ”Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make them learn things, but by...
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Child exploring through a magnifying glass.

Five Reasons to Share Why You Chose Montessori

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You made the decision to enroll your child (or children) in a Montessori school and you couldn’t be happier.  You see the benefits, you relish in the joy your child has for learning, and you know you made the right choice.  But for whatever reason, you may hesitate to share this with other parents.  Why do families hesitate to actively advocate for Montessori?  Here are five reasons to reconsider: 1....
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A child exploring through a magnifying glass.

Science in Montessori

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Science is a major component of the Montessori curriculum. It gives children opportunities to learn about fascinating areas of study very early in their schooling.  Science in our Montessori classrooms is not taught in isolation. It provides children with a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem solving. The scope of the Montessori curriculum includes a sound introduction to botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy. When this approach...
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A mother and child cooking, creating family rituals

Creating Family Rituals

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“See you in the morning, Hoot, Hoot,” sings my daughter, “See you in the morning, Hoot Hoot,” me echoing a reply. This is the silly song you would hear in our family home every night before my daughter goes to bed.  It started after watching Giggle and Hoot when she was oh so young and we’ve continued ever since.  Now she tells me that is she goes for a sleepover...
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