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March 2020

Learning from Home

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Little did we know when we celebrated the countdown to 2020 that we would find ourselves navigating a global pandemic.  It feels like we are living in our own movie.  If only is was The Truman show, we could step off set and get back to life as normal.  Yet we all know we cannot. Across the world, many schools have already closed.  Here in Australia our schools are not...
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Helping Children Navigate Fear

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Every child feels fear from time to time. Whether it’s about the monster under the bed or thinking about a scary story a friend told them, it can be tricky as a parent to know how to help our children through those moments. We thought that with the non stop media coverage of the coronarvirus, we’d share some thoughts on fear and what we can do for our children. The...
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An Equal World is an Enabled World

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March 8th is International Women’s Day, and it seems as fitting a time as any for us to share this book list.  These titles highlight some of the amazing contributions women have made throughout the course of history, often working to overcome great obstacles.  Whether you read them to your daughters or your sons, we hope you will find a story that resonates, sparks their imaginations, and gives them a...
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