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July 2022

Materials Spotlight: The Puzzle Maps

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Today we celebrate and explain the Montessori puzzle maps. Beautifully and colourfully painted and carefully crafted out of wood, they can be found in both the Pre-Primary (3-6 Years) and Lower Primary (6-9 Years) classrooms. While they are used differently in the two environments, educators take a developmentally appropriate approach to utilising this beautiful geography material.  The Material  In a Montessori classroom, one will find a wooden rack that contains…
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Resetting our Thinking: Why the Montessori Environment for 6-12 Year Olds is Different from the 3-6 Environment.

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This article was originally published by Trillium Montessori and is adapted to reflect FMS learning environments.  When people talk about Montessori education often what is described is a 3-6 classroom experience. Most people think it is an education only for pre-schoolers and are quite surprised that there are Montessori environments for primary and high school students, and even the aged! We know that the 3-6 is the age of development…
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