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June 2022

On the Topic of Competition

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You may have noticed that in Montessori schools, we do not typically encourage competition between children.  Our lack of traditional grading is one obvious marker of this approach, but you will notice that the lack of peer competition threads itself pretty much throughout the entire program.  This is quite intentional, and we work hard to give children a foundation built on competition with oneself, rather than with others.    It is…
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Materials Highlight: Geometry From the Start

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When many of us think of our geometry education, we have thoughts of identifying shapes in kindergarten, and then taking a class or two in high school. The truth is, children are fully capable, and enthusiastically prepared, to learn so much more at a much younger age. While we can’t possibly cover our entire curriculum in one short article, we’ll share some of the highlights. It begins (perhaps unsurprisingly) in our…
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Montessori vs. Daycare: 5 Key Differences

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Many families rely on childcare while their children are still young. Figuring out the best place to drop your little one off every day is a big decision. Parents want to ensure their child spends their days safe, comfortable, and happy, and under the watchful eye of well-trained and competent adults.   Daycare is the obvious choice for many parents…that is, until they become aware of other options.  If you’re reading…
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