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Food Glorious Food – Home Edition

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Food preparation as a skill is an integral element of any Montessori classroom. While specific lessons feature most prominently during the Toddler and Pre-School  years, our lower and upper primary educators  find ways to teach children these important skills throughout the year as well.  Learning one’s way around the kitchen is a skill that couldn’t be easier to translate at home. Parents - you can support this important learning as often as you like;...
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Helping Your Child Speak Up

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A big part of becoming a successful, independent member of society is being able to advocate for oneself.  We all need to know our own worth, and we need to feel confident enough to speak up for what we require in life.   This is hard for lots of people - adults included - so it makes sense that we teach our children the skills from an early age and continue...
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6 Effective Ways to Be an Engaged Parent

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Research has shown time and time again that parent involvement is critical to children’s success. Click here for more information. We all want to take an active role in our child’s education, but sometimes it can be a challenge to discern just where our efforts are best spent. Below we touch on six critical areas that all parents can focus on to make a big difference.  1. Make Connections  Consider the whole school...
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It’s Bedtime!

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At some point or another, we all struggle with some element of our children’s bedtimes. We know they need a good amount of quality sleep but making that happen is no small task. Figuring out what works for your child is best done early on in their life, so today we are sharing some ideas to implement a successful bedtime structure for your baby or toddler.  But if you have...
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Thriving Beyond COVID-19

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We’ve all been travelling a very interesting path recently.  Day after day, all around the world, we’ve toiled with how to get ahead of the next stage of the coronavirus.  Safeguarding our lives and our livelihoods was the imperative.  But now we’re starting to move ahead.  We’re starting to think about how we will all focus on thriving beyond COVID-19.  We’re starting to feel free again to dream and to...
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6 Simple Ways to Show Her You Care on Mother’s Day

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Everyone loves to feel appreciated.  With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, it’s a great time to think of how you might show the mums in your life what they mean to you.  Here are six simple ideas to celebrate and care for the woman who cares for everyone. Remember to have a card ready. You could absolutely buy a Mother’s Day card; there are plenty of great ones out...
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Supporting Your Child’s Emotions During Uncertain Times

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As families we are currently faced with enormous challenges, we very likely did not predict or expect. Some children are home from school, you are likely working from home, the streets are eerily silent, and supermarkets are weird places. We’re all a little on edge, but as you might imagine, this is a difficult time for our children. You’ve likely seen a host of surprising emotions pour from them in...
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6 Simple Reminders: Self-Care for Parents

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Parenting is an amazing life experience. We all know how lucky we are to watch our children as they grow into the people they are meant to be. We try to stop and appreciate the little moments. We take hundreds of photos. We try to prepare them healthy food and space to run and play. We tell them we love them and do our very best to really be present....
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Learning from Home

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Little did we know when we celebrated the countdown to 2020 that we would find ourselves navigating a global pandemic.  It feels like we are living in our own movie.  If only is was The Truman show, we could step off set and get back to life as normal.  Yet we all know we cannot. Across the world, many schools have already closed.  Here in Australia our schools are not...
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