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December 2022

Farewell our 2022 Graduates!

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From outdoor learning, even before it was a trend during COVID to connecting with the Earth and building strong relationships, Montessori education lives in the hearts and minds of our Graduates.  Our 2022 graduates embody the purpose of a Montessori education – to educate for life and for peace.  Listening to what they have to say, it will illuminate all that we hope for in our future generations.  Neste Szarka-Kovacs...
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Time for Togetherness

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During the holiday season, we can unintentionally become a bit edgy or stressed. Routines change. We might travel or have visitors staying. While our children may feel excited about the holidays, they also can feel the changes in family routines or shifts in family dynamics.   If we are getting together with extended family or friends—no matter how loving, patient, and well-meaning—having additional people mixed into the scene, especially during the...
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