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October 2022

The Role of the Montessori Teacher?

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What, exactly, is the role of the Montessori teacher?  How is it so different from that of any other teacher? Sometimes it’s easiest to begin by explaining what a Montessori teacher isn’t. A Montessori teacher is less like the traditional idea of an instructor, and more like a gentle guide.  They don’t consider it their job to give a child information.  They rather lead children in the general direction and...
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Mutual Respect & Making Deposits

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Montessori classrooms depend upon a web of mutual respect. This culture of respect is established from the very beginning: from how the classroom is arranged and sized for the children, to how we greet each other at the start of the day, to how the adults refrain from interrupting children’s concentration. Dr. Maria Montessori emphasized that, as adults, we must have the utmost respect for children, because they are in...
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Montessori in Action – Guinea Pigs at FMS!

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We have some new friends at Forestville Montessori School - guinea pigs!   There’s a story behind the guinea pigs that all started before lockdowns, yes, two years ago, and it just shows the impact of the pandemic on our day to day operations. In many ways, the guinea pigs’ arrival, signals new beginnings and points the way forward for many more ‘Going Outs’ and projects led by the children’s...
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