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June 2021

Food Glorious Food – Home Edition

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Food preparation as a skill is an integral element of any Montessori classroom. While specific lessons feature most prominently during the Toddler and Pre-School  years, our lower and upper primary educators  find ways to teach children these important skills throughout the year as well.  Learning one’s way around the kitchen is a skill that couldn’t be easier to translate at home. Parents - you can support this important learning as often as you like;…
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Meet our FMS Alumni – Idette Warburton

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Idette Warburton, an FMS Alumni, share her thoughts on the importance of a child’s early education and some memories from her time as a student at FMS. She believes that “a child’s primary years are the truly academic years and getting this foundation right is critical in a child’s development and performance beyond primary school.  Montessori truly is an education for life.” 
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Helping Your Child Speak Up

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A big part of becoming a successful, independent member of society is being able to advocate for oneself.  We all need to know our own worth, and we need to feel confident enough to speak up for what we require in life.   This is hard for lots of people - adults included - so it makes sense that we teach our children the skills from an early age and continue…
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