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October 2023

In Honour of Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day

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Aleta Ledendecker was a Montessori teacher for nearly 40 years. She started her own Montessori school and taught early childhood through adolescents. Aleta was also a Montessori teacher trainer. She is now retired and has three grandchildren. In honour of Grandparents' and Special Friends’ Day Aleta shared some thoughts about Montessori and grandparenting.  As a former Montessori teacher, how has Montessori shaped the way you grandparent?  A new world of love…
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Children and the News

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It seems like this is as good a time as any to talk about how our children interact with the news. The news simply wasn’t designed with children in mind, and although it is certainly an important part of our lives, we have to remember how it may affect our kids. We hope this guide will give you some helpful tips. Potential Problems Before we jump into the problems, we would…
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Buran – Our New Learning Environment

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It was exciting to see the children's faces as they stepped into their new Buran environment on Tuesday morning. Buran, means Stringybark in Wannangini (Guringal) language. Uncle Neil, a local Elder advised us on all the naming of our environments.Our new children’s House has been part of our strategic plan to refresh and redevelop our facilities.  The brief began with the words from Maria Montessori: ‘The child should live in…
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