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This term, the toddler program has been focusing on getting into a routine, increasing our independence and learning our grace and courtesy.

The children had a new teacher and a few new classmates as well this term. The children had to get to know the new children as well and develop a lot of new relationships. We had a rocky start, but sooner rather than later, the children have all gained their confidence in themselves and feel secure in the toddler environment. They knew where they belonged in the classroom full of beautiful activities! They enjoyed a lot of water in the practical life activities that it seemed like the children changed clothes every few minutes. The practical life activities provided the children a lot of time to explore sensorially-water and soap, had a lot of opportunities for movement- walking around and carrying heavy jugs, and learn to sequence. It was beautiful as the children repeated these activities, they were slowly able to do these practical life activities in a sequential manner that fully absorbed them and increased their concentration. It was so wonderful to witness.

The children, as they interacted more with each other in the classroom, learned their grace and courtesies, to use their words to express their feelings and needs. Some are at their own pace and are slowly learning to find their voice. It is impressive to see some children blossom in the prepared environment. They learn to know that they have the freedom to explore and choose their work.

The confidence blossoming in the children also increased their attempts at independence. The children have been given more opportunities to do things for themselves and have flourished and enjoyed it. The children have surprised us in how well they have adapted to the changes and how independent they can be.

Have an enjoyable holiday!

Emma, Ishbel and Alison

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Emma Elegado-Kotulic

Author Emma Elegado-Kotulic

Emma has over 15 years’ experience as an Early Childhood educator at Computer Associates Montessori Children’s Centre. For the past 7 years she has held leadership roles managing toddler programs, preparing the environment and mentoring staff in the Montessori philosophy and approaches. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology from the University of the Philippines where she majored in Family Life and Child Development and a Masters of Early Childhood Education from Macquarie University. She completed her AMI diploma (0-3) in Sydney in 2006 and her AMI Assistants Course (3-6) in 2016. She is currently in the AMI Training of Trainers Program for Assistants to Infancy level.

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