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Everyone loves to feel appreciated.  With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, it’s a great time to think of how you might show the mums in your life what they mean to you.  Here are six simple ideas to celebrate and care for the woman who cares for everyone.

Remember to have a card ready.

You could absolutely buy a Mother’s Day card; there are plenty of great ones out there.  Another option (that is free and will likely be treasured forever) is to have your children make a card.  Be sure to write the date inside!  Some quick ideas for children of all ages:

Infants – Paint those chubby little hands and/or feet to make a print on the front of the card.  On the inside you could write a few reasons why you think she’s great, or use one of these beautiful poems:

by Carl Sandburg

Here is a thing my heart wishes the world had more of”:
I heard it in the air of one night when I listened
To a mother singing softly to a child restless and angry in the darkness.

"Mother, A Cradle to Hold Me"
by Maya Angelou

It is true
I was created in you.
It is also true
That you were created for me.
It owned your voice.
It was shaped and tuned to soothe me.
Your arms were molded
Into a cradle to hold me, to rock me.
The scent of your body was the air
Perfumed for me to breathe.

Toddlers – Let them draw a picture on the cover, then interview them!  Ask them fun questions and record their answers inside the card.  A toddler’s perspective of the world is sure to make their mother laugh (and perhaps melt her heart).  Some ideas:

    • What is your mum’s name?
    • What is your favorite thing about mum?
    • What is mum’s favorite thing to do?
    • What is mum’s favorite food?
    • How do you know mum loves you?

Pre-Primary – Whether they like to draw or paint, let young kids decorate the card themselves.  On the inside, have them tell you three reasons they love their mum for you to write down.  If they have started learning to write their own name, have them sign the card.

Lower and Upper Primary – Encourage your older children to write a letter to their mum.  If they seem hesitant, it’s okay to brainstorm ideas with them.  Ask them to think about what’s special about their mum, what they love about her, or a time she did something really nice for them.  If they love art, they can find a special way to incorporate that, too.

Take your time and enjoy brunch.

This year we have two options here: take away or make a meal at home.  Think about what she would love best!  If you choose the latter, plan ahead.

If you’d like to tackle making brunch at home, you can make it special without it being complicated.  Some ideas:

    • Just like at FMS, place fresh flowers on the table.
    • Make her a fun drink! Think herbal tea, flavored coffee or a freshly squeezed juice (just like in the Children’s House)
    • Try a new recipe, this one for crepes is sure to be a hit:
    • Have the kids help! They can assist you in cooking, setting the table, serving mum, or even cleaning up afterwards.

Get some fresh air together.

It’s still ok to go outside as long as we keep ourselves and everyone else safe by social distancing. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you can enjoy a gorgeous spring day together.   Would she enjoy a stroll in the park?  A short hike?  A visit to a nature reserve?  A cycle?

To make the experience extra special, make sure to do all the planning and prep work.  It’s not easy getting young children out of the house!  Gather water bottles and snacks.  Get the children’s shoes on, buckle them into their car seats, and do whatever else you can to give her an extra minute or two with that cup of coffee.  These gestures will not go unnoticed!

Pamper her.

We would like to re-emphasise that this does not need to be complicated.  No outsourcing this year as the salons are closed so it will have to be do it yourself.

Is she the type of mum who never seems to have time for herself?  If so, make sure to build some into the day.  Some simple ideas:

Give her something sweet.

One thing that is sure to bring a smile to her face?  A sweet treat!  You can’t go wrong with chocolate but think about her individual tastes.  Whether she’s into cheesecake, candy, croissants or ice cream, make sure you have some on hand.  As with many of the other ideas we have mentioned, a special Mother’s Day dessert can be store-bought or homemade.

Create a journal.

Include all the things you’ve loved about staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.   This is one for your memories shelf!

Mothers give so much because they love their families.  No matter how you decide to celebrate, she is sure to appreciate the time, effort, and love you shower her with.  Enjoy!

Denice Scala

Author Denice Scala

B.A, M.Ed, Dip ED, Dip RSA, Cert. Neuroscience. Principal, Forestville Montessori School. Denice Scala is an executive leader with extensive experience in key strategic roles requiring business transformation and innovation. As a passionate advocate for the power of education to enrich lives, Denice moved from classroom teaching to leadership positions in 1992 and since then has held international in roles in Scotland and Australia as Principal, Head of Junior School, and Head of Learning Support. She has an impressive working knowledge of early learning, primary, middle, and secondary schooling including gifted education and special needs. Her Masters in Gifted Education led her to work extensively to find ways to cater for gifted students. This led to providing professional development opportunities for educators to assist in their understanding of the characteristics of gifted children and the complexities of growing up gifted. Denice’s unparalleled grasp of current educational realities is equally matched by her big picture thinking combined with practical solutions to navigate change. Denice’s passion for Montessori education led her to undertake the AMI Introduction to Adolescents Course, to audit the AMI 6-12 Diploma, and to also currently undertake the AMI School Administration Certificate Course.

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