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Matty van Drempt and Emma Elegado-Kotulic share the exciting learning in the Birth-3 Program during Term 3 so far.

NIDO / Parent Toddler

We’re all enjoying being together and being able to meet. Thank you to all our families  for following the COVID-19 procedures put in place to keep us all safe.

In the NIDO class, 3 of the children are just pulling up and starting to walk. It’s great to see them getting to know one another and interacting. It’s such a beautiful age. At the end of our session we always sing some songs and the way they pay attention and participate is just very special.

In our P/T session we see the children branch out to many more activities. The skills they are developing, sometimes after weeks of repetition, and the triumphant smile once they get it, are just priceless. They’re such tireless and hard workers.

It is also wonderful for the adults to see this, to spend time one on one, meet other parents, compare notes and feel that support. We are honoured to be part of your journey with your child.

Matty van Drempt
Coordinator Birth-6 Community, Director NIDO & Parent Toddler Programs

Toddler 2-3 Program

The Toddler Community has been focusing on and enhancing their interest in language. Language development for this age group is significant. They are also in a sensitive period for learning a new language so it sometimes seems effortless to get them engaged. In the environment, we have real objects, nomenclature cards with objects and nomenclature cards. The real objects often come from what we can see around us, such as the fruit and vegetable that the children bring to class. There are also different herbs that we collect from our organic gardens. The children can learn more vocabulary this way having a real and full sensorial experience from the object because they are   able to see, touch, smell and sometimes even taste. Using a multisensory experience cements the children’s vocabulary learning.  When we are unable to source real objects, we use nomenclature cards for matching. In this way, the children acquire the essence of the object and transfer it to an image. Then, later on, it progresses to just images. This provides opportunities for expanding the children’s vocabulary.

Language learning is not only through these activities but also through books, meaningful conversations with the adult and other children and our current favourite, singing. This has been a musically inclined class with the children bursting out singing while working. They also engage other children to join them singing and at times even sit in front of the class to conduct the group singing as they mimic the teachers.

They all have been enjoying and learning that they can express themselves verbally in the class, and all of us will listen to what they have to say.  This builds respect and a growing sense of belonging to a community.

Emma Elegado-Kotulic
Coordinator Birth-6 Community, Director of Toddler 2-3 Program

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Matty van Drempt

Author Matty van Drempt

Matty is no stranger to FMS having worked as a Director in our 3-6 program in the 90’s before moving onto Principal roles in Barrenjoey and the Hills Montessori Schools. After completing her Birth -3 Years training, she again returned to FMS to establish the Parent Toddler Program in 2011 until 2014 when she departed for an adventure in the Northern Territory to set up Early Learning Centres. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma AMI (3-6) from the Sydney Montessori Teachers College; a Diploma in Early Childhood from Arnhem in the Netherlands and a Diploma AMI (0-3) from the Australian Montessori Teacher Education Foundation and a Masters study (0-3) from Loyola University, Chicago. She has extensive experience and is often invited to Thailand and China to conduct workshops and mentor educators. Matty regularly presents parenting workshops and keynotes at education conferences.

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