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I beg the dear all-powerful children to unite with me for the building of peace in Man and in the world. Dr Maria Montessori

On Tuesday 7th December we said farewell to our 2021 Graduates, we are so proud of each one of them. We were lucky to be able to invite their parents and grandparents to celebrate with us, it was wonderful to once again have families on site to celebrate this special event. Our Graduates prepared some touching speeches, we hope you enjoy reading them.

Zoe Prate 

We held a small farewell for Zoe in the 9-12 gardens a few weeks.  Zoe is relocating to Amsterdam with her family.   She has been a much-loved student at FMS and we’re going to miss her.  She’s looking forward to attending the International School in Amsterdam.  She’ll be keeping in touch with all the friends she made here at FMS.  

Tully Birdsall 

My time here at F.M.S has been an experience I will never forget. I have always enjoyed learning this way and have made countless friends. 

The 0-3’s. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I don’t remember much, however there was one thing I remember. You see my mother worked in the 0-3’s and I vaguely remember going to school and helping around after school hours.  

Moving on the 3-6’s. The best thing about the 3-6’s was definitely birthdays. I loved birthday. We would sing a song about the earth going around the sun, and the birthday person would hold a globe. I honestly don’t know why we don’t do it in the 9-12’s. 

My teachers for the 3-6’s were Pippa and Bonnie. I want to say a big thank you to those teachers for how kind and equal they treated everyone including me. 

Moving right along to the 6-9’s. There is a lot that happened in the 6-9’s but let me start with this. The time I fainted during art class. This is a wonderful story that out of all the memory’s here at F.M.S this is defiantly the most significant memory. Anyways this is how the story went. Nishabel, a graduate from last year had brought in her bunnies to share with the class. After that it was art, and we were painting Easter baskets seeing as it was Easter. About halfway through it seemed I was feeling a bit dizzy and before I knew it, I was on the floor. This was when the room up above the music room was a classroom. When I woke up, someone has told me I had banged my head against the cupboard and was than lying on the floor.  

Moving on from that story, I now want to thank Anthony who was my teacher in the 6-9’s and 9-12’s. later the years Anthony’s class moved down to what is now still the 6-9’s to this day. I also want to thank Xarifa and Harini, they were all excellent teachers and I had so many good memories.                            

And now for the 9-12’s. The 9-12’s class I am in is a one in a lifetime class, there are so many hectic thing’s that have happened in this class over the years. I sure got good laughs out of them. I truly want to thank my teachers for the 9-12’s, Lauren, Tamlin and Anthony. I also want to thank my music teacher Tamara and my Japanese teacher, Lau-chi. 

The school I have chosen to progress onto is Lindfield Learning Village. I have chosen this school for many reasons like how their ways are easy to adapt to seeing as its pretty similar to F.M.S. I want to take this moment to thank my family for always being there for me and listening to me always. Thank you, mum and dad, for all the encouragement you give me. I as-well want to thank my grandparents two of the founders of the school. I also want to thank my best friends, Sophie, Abi, Maya, Ty, Sara and Gabby, as well as all my classmates. 

Lastly, I want to thank this year’s graduates: Sara, Ty, Gabby, Daniel and Zoe, who is not with us for this graduation. Without these people, the experience I had would be long gone and I would have never met such wonderful people I also would have never been here in this moment. 

Thank you.” 

Gabriella Broomfield 

“Hi I’m Gabby I have been at this school for a very long time, I actually hold the record for longest time at this school, a year and a term. I also hold the record for being the youngest year 6 student but second tallest, and even the record for the first person in the school to put the ball on the stick the game called Kendama as I have been told. 

Anyway, in this very, very, very, long time I have made many great friends, Ty, Mia, Maya, Tully, Abi, Sara, Kayla, Sophie, Neste, Leia and of cause Zoe, who we will all miss.  

How has my experience at this school been? Well to start off it has been quite an interesting, because most of the time, I’ve spent at my desk doing follow up, thinking about whether or not to go to high school, rethinking some of my life decisions and wondering if I can remember anything for my next lesson. But aside from that I have had a really good time here at F.M.S and I have never cooked so much. It has been far much better than my old school I am never going back there, so thank you teachers and students for making me feel so accepted and welcome and goodbye for now my dear friend Zoe.” 

Sara Chander 

“Wow, FMS-FMS-FMS, where do I start? I came here as part of the playgroup/toddler program when I was about 2-3ish years old. But the thing is, after that, I left. Why? I don’t know. Guess my family thought that maybe Montessori wasn’t for me. After several hard years at a public school, here I am again, right back where I started. Montessori was for me, and not just any Montessori, Forestville Montessori. 

There are few people that I’d like to thank today. Thank you to my best friends, Sophie, Tully, Abi, Mia, Maya, Rafa and Kayla, you helped me from the very beginning. You helped me fit right in, I felt the feeling of belonging which is a feeling I had never felt before meeting you guys. Thank you to my fellow classmates in the 9-12, you have helped me very much this year and strengthened that feeling of belonging. 

Thank you to my teachers, Anthony, Lauren, Tamlin, Lau-chi and Tamara, you have taught me many easier ways to do things and many things that just make sense. You taught me, as the school’s motto says, to thrive beyond, and that is something that I’ll never forget. I would also like to thank my fellow graduates, Ty, Tully, Gaby, Daniel and Zoe who’s unfortunately not here today. They have been with me throughout the ups and downs of this year and have helped me adjust to the Montessori way. 

Thank you to our lovely principal, Denice. You are the one who made my experience here, that much more. And lastly, most importantly, thank you to my family. You all made coming to this amazing school possible. I am going to miss this school so much and even though I’m excited for high school and all the new adventures that await me in the next chapter of my life at Sydney Montessori School.  

 I have many memories here and I’ve met so many kind people along the way. This school is an inspiration for me, and I hope to return some day to give back to the school all that it has given me.”  

Daniel Morazzoni 

Hello everybody, I’m Daniel. I have been at FMS for 8 years. I started here when I was a 1-year-old. I left when I was 3 and came back when I was 6. And here I am now as an 11 year old Year 6 student and tomorrow is my last day.  

Over all these years I have had many wonderful teachers and friends come and go. I will miss you all very much, along with all the happy memories and moments with you that have happened. I’m proud of everything I’ve learned, I would like to thank my parents especially for sending me here, because without them I wouldn’t be saying these words.  

I have had a good time with every teacher I’ve ever had such as: Xarifa, Trish, Anthony, Lauren, Donna, Harini, Datevig and more. I enjoyed many of the excursions we have went on such as Dubbo Zoo, the Chau Chak Wing museum, Sydney museum and more. Some of my best friends go to this school. Unfortunately, a time comes when you must go to high school, I wish I could stay longer. Forestville Montessori school will always have a special place in my heart. I hope we meet again; I wish you all good luck, thank you and goodbye.” 

Ty Parisi 

Hi I’m Ty and I’ve been here at FMS most of my life. I’m really going to miss all my friends and teachers. Here are some of the great experiences I’ve had at F.M.S, Bonnie, when I was little seeing you do magic tricks made my mind go boom! Christine you are very nice and have helped me a lot. Mag, I am going to miss you a lot, thanks for being here. Tamlin, you’re a very good artist. Anthony, I wish you the very best. Lauren you are kind just like your mother. 

I’d like to say a big thanks to my 3-6 teacher Jacqueline. The biggest thanks to all my friends at F.M.S Kayla, Gabby, Zoe, Sara, and Maya, but that’s just a couple of them. Kayla, I know you are strong and that you’ll be able to get through next year even when you feel down just remember all the good memories you’ve had.  

Here is some advice to all my teachers you can have fun to. I will try to visit you when I can. 

“Live long, love lot, and don’t forget to laugh” 

I’m going to miss you all.” 

Many parents, grandparents and alumni joined us for the Graduation and in true COVID style, some friends and family joined us online in alive stream.  We were lucky with the weather and afterwards continued our celebrations in the beautiful FMS gardens. 

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